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Technology that simplifies the service partners and the market.

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To compile the technical details of a product, perhaps important daily cleaning for the end customer, should be easy. In order to provide service partners necessary information out of the service area so the information must sometimes be prepared in a short time. When are benefits product photography supplemented by text descriptions for the deployment and installation instructions. Retail and service partners often work with mobile or tablet and through the technology is a good opportunity to read the information out there in the workplace or or why not on the show.

With easy access to information, we mean that more of the organization is given the opportunity to be able to use and process documentation. Working with technical solutions and software that simplifies the process offers advantages in the development and production of new products and hold down costs. We are following developments and technologies in a way that makes it possible to do drawing production with many different tools. We have extensive experience in image and drawing production. A comprehensive document or otherwise visible technical description creates a better development mode. All images on this page are designed with self-knowledge and shows how they can be used for descriptions.

To produce a good technical description is the customer's choice of photos, sketches and drawings used to text description. Right-made descriptions supplemented by images allows one saving the cost of training staff and service - support to deal with the products. If you want to reach export markets is necessary instructions in the correct language.

Our goal is to compile the technical documentation for requests and needs, and to use the existing data and then make the best of it no matter where you are in the technical development of documentation or drawings. A properly compiled technical manual is a good sales pitch and give the customer a sense of security early. A complete and correct service manual also provides benefits for service and spare parts.


Previous positions and descriptions. Manufacturing, marketing, support

Crem International AB Technical documentation, compilation, user manuals for end customers, service manuals for service partners, programming manuals, maintenance, upkeep, operating instructions, installation, installation instructions, product photography.

Electrolux CR Engineer, Sheet metal construction. microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers commercial refrigeration, detail drawings, exploded views.

Husqvarna AB Design Engineer, Sheet metal construction. Microwave, Fridge, Freezer units.

ILLURIT Color Illustrations of the airbrush, and computer technology.

Additions: SolidWorks mechanical design training in basic applications. User interface, 3D methodology, Detailed Modeling, Configurations, Assemblies, Drawings Preparation.

Solidworks composer Service Animations, service instructions, procedures, component selection, animation technology

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